About us

Our Passion

As a leading IT service provider, we are perfectly placed to implement solutions extremely efficiently to the greatest possible benefit of our customers. That’s why we are always seeking ways that enable us to fulfill task definitions within the framework of BI and big data projects even better and more efficiently. This striving frequently gives rise to tools and products which we not only use ourselves in rendering our services, but which our customers and partners can use for their own purposes as well.

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Driving Forces

The driving forces behind our
product developments are always:

  • productivity
  • agility
  • quality
Our Recipe for Success

We bring together our extensive project experience and the excellent training of our employees with ground-breaking methods and tools and uphold partnerships with leading technology providers. The close intermeshing of expertise methods with tools and products forms the basis for efficient and successful project and product results. Benefit from the in-depth expertise of our employees and our investments in methods and tool developments, together with our close collaboration with technology providers.

  • Over 1500 person-years of experience in the fields of business intelligence & big data
  • Over 850 successful Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Big Data projects
  • Huge investments in the development of methods, blueprints and tools

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