About biGENiUS


Emerging new business demands challenge the effectiveness of data warehouses in supporting analysis and decision making. To accommodate today’s business needs, the data warehousing process needs to satisfy fast-changing business requirements, support new data sources, and deliver solutions in quick iterations, ideally with less resources. These requirements are challenging Data Warehouse teams due to limitations of traditional tools.

Key Issues

  • Enable short Release Cycles and Agility
  • Drive development performance and ensure standardization
  • Lifecycle Management, Documentation and Impact Analysis
  • Close the gap between business and development

The Solution at a glance


Reduce Time, Cost and Risk!

The comprehensive system support and automation provided by biGENiUS reduces project lead times to a minimum, enabling shorter change cycles than in traditional approaches. It allows you to implement your data warehouse independently, rapidly and easily as well as meet future demands without major effort. biGENiUS was developed to cover the complete life cycle of data warehousing solutions. It maps and supports business requirements engineering, modelling and generation, monitoring and data quality verification.

biGENiUS is revolutionary –

both in the scope of its functions and the simplicity of its operation.

Your Benefits

  • Rapid and simple implementation of your Data Warehouse solution
  • Minimum development and operating costs
  • Significantly easier adaptability and extensibility
  • Sophisticated architectures and highest quality thanks to built-in DWH Best Practices
  • Ongoing updated documentation with no additional effort
  • Seamless workflow – one single tool from requirements analysis to implementation
  • Monitoring of loading processes and automated data quality check
Fast, Simple and Comprehensive

We have drawn on experience from a host of projects in practice and on extensive research and identified the success factors for data warehousing solutions. biGENiUS is designed to focus on solving these challenges. It is created by DWH and BI specialist and thus will meet your requirements better than any other automation tool.

Enhanced Efficiency and Agility

The highly automated biGENiUS development process incorporates specialised requirements directly in your solution. This hugely speeds up not only the implementation, but the ongoing change process as well, which means that you can always promptly implement changing requirements to the satisfaction of your users.

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