Accelerate Data
Management for Analytics
with Advanced Automation

Challenges in Data Management Today

Advancing digitalisation challenges traditional data warehouse (DWH) and business intelligence systems to leverage an increasing wealth of data. To accommodate today’s business decision making, analytical data management is required to integrate new data sources, support new data formats as well as technologies and deliver effective solutions faster than ever before, ideally with limited resources. DWH and Big Data development teams can no longer fulfil these demands using traditional ETL and modelling tools. 

  • Improve agility and scalability
  • Capture valuable insights from data
  • Ensure standardisation along with flexibility
  • Align business demands and technical development

The Solution at a glance

Save time, effort & cost
Automate as much as possible!
Standardisation & Flexibility

Build and maintain data management solutions for analytics (data warehouse, data lake, data vault, ODS, event hubs, etc.) with minimum effort at
maximum speed.

Deliver more valuable insights from data. Focus on the needs of business instead of time-consuming, recurring and redundant ETL jobs or hand-coding.

Remain flexible and adjust automation to the needs of your project. With biGENiUS® you can enjoy highest level of customisation.

Reduce Cost, Time & Effort

biGENiUS provides advanced automation and system support for practically any data project – data warehouses, data marts, data lakes, operational data stores, event hubs and big data integrations. By eliminating manual coding, the tool dramatically improves the time to value not only for new analytical data solutions, but for changes and improvements in the ongoing maintenance as well. Hence, biGENiUS® is designed to support the entire lifecycle of analytical data management solutions – from requirements engineering and design over modelling and implementation to monitoring and change management.

bigenius-Savings Big Data and Data Warehouse Automation

Mature Metadata-driven Approach



Providing Broad Flexibility Along with Standardisation

biGENiUS provides user-friendly built-in modellers and generators, which follow proven standards and Blueprint Best Practices. These blueprints have been drawn on the practical experience of lead architects from hundreds of DWH and Big Data integration projects. They include multiple data modelling techniques like 3NF, Dimensional, Data Vault or Header-Version. Thus, the tool gives you the time to focus on providing business instead of struggling with the tedious technical details.

While the biGENiUS supports various platforms, modelling methodologies and techniques virtually out-of-the-box, at the same time it also allows developers to easily adapt and extend these to custom requirements – and this without any manual overwriting of the generated code. 


You can add not only your own models and methods, but even new technologies and platforms. By this means, the tool provides you with broad flexibility but ensures also necessary standardisation. No other tool on the market is more closely tailored to needs of data warehouse and big data development teams as biGENiUS.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Save time and effort by automating up to 80% of manual efforts
  • Deliver effective analytical data solutions using in-tool best practices and blueprints
  • Reduce costs and risk both in development and operation
  • Easily adapt to change with automatic metadata and documentation
  • Focus on business needs and improve agility

What our clients say about us

Main Features

  • Advanced metadata management incl. a semantic layer
  • Broad flexibility through customisable design patterns
  • Supports 3NF, dimensional (incl. header-version) and data vault
  • Automating data warehouses, data lakes, big data platforms, ODSs, CDCs and event hubs
  • Generating for all relational databases, HDFS, NoSQL databases as well as streaming platforms
  • Allows data-driven and model-driven development, and also combinations of both
  • Provided out-of-the-box: data lineage, impact analysis, versioning, documentation, etc.
  • Supports both cloud as well as on-premise deployment
  • Suitable for enterprise-wide analytical data management systems


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